Define Business Finance and describe the sources of business finance

According to George Terry, Finance consists of providing and utilizing the money, capital rights, credit and funds of any kind which are employed in the operation of an enterprise. So business finance means investing borrowing and spending of money with proper manners for the operation of a business.

For any successful business finance has a primary importance. Finance is life blood for business. No business can run smoothly without finance. There is a need of sufficient to achieve the desired results from the business activities.

There are two sources of business funds :
1. Creditors
2. Owners.
Creditors provide the funds temporarily while owners provide the funds permanently.
Following are the important sources of Business Finance :


1. Owners Financing or Equity Financing :-
If a firm needs the financial needs of a business from the funds supplied by the owners, it is called equity financing. When owner uses his own capital for current and fixed assets then he saves himself from the following problem.
a. He will not pay interest to any body because he has used his own capital.
b. He will not give the profit to any lender.
c. He will improve the quality of facing slumps.
d. For getting the loan he will not face any problem.
e. He will be able to control the business with full concentration.

2. None Company Equity Financing :-
If sometimes a proprietor is not able to meets financial needs from his personal capital and he is also not ready to borrow then he can increase the equity capital by admitting any trustworthy sound party in his business.

3. Company Equity Financing :-
By selling the ordinary shares, a company may obtain the equity capital. Comment stocks represent the ownership. The common stock holders have a right to receive profit declared by the company. They can also give vote and sell the shares in the market.

4. Financing Through Reserve Profit :-
To increase the owned capital of the firm a part of the profit is retained in the business. From this capital it can meet the financial needs easily. A firm can also use this part of profit for the expansion of business or to face the depression.


Social Media Advantages and Disadvantages in Business

Using social media for your business has its advantages in cost-effective advertising and reaching new customers, but it can also take away resources and productivity as you dedicate time to your online presence. Managing a successful social media campaign can yield great results, but it takes a lot of time to build a following and manage your profiles, especially with no certainty of seeing a return. Weigh the pros and cons to see if dedicating so much time to social media is right for your business.

Cheap, Targeted Advertising

  • Social networks provide a cheap way to advertise your business and spread its name. Some networks offer paid advertising options, but they aren’t mandatory for people to find your page if you use appropriate keywords and maintain an active, consistent presence. If you do opt for paid advertising, you can choose very specific demographic options; your ads will only be shown to the demographics you specify, so you can show your ads only to people who are most likely to be customers. Most ad campaigns will only charge you if someone has clicked your ad, meaning you won’t lose money by showing your ads to people who aren’t interested.

Increased Exposure and Personality

  • Business advertising only goes so far offline or by using banner ads. Posts on social networks are easy to share, so your followers can quickly and efficiently spread any news you post. Maintaining a social network presence also helps make your business a little more personable. Talking with your followers and customers — as well as any newcomers who discover you through word of mouth or have questions — helps you seem accessible and even fun. An online presence helps you avoid looking like a faceless entity; consumers enjoy a little personality, and it can help solidify their loyalty as well as convince potential buyers to choose you over competitors.

Risks of Dedication

  • Using social media isn’t as simple as starting a Facebook page and checking on it every few hours. It takes time to learn how to properly use each network you start using, build a following, post consistent updates and interact with your followers. Monitoring and using social media well takes a lot of time and dedication to the point where it may detract from other duties. There is also no absolute guarantee of success, so you may not see a return on the investment of time you have put into setting up accounts.

Productivity and Reputation

  • The availability of social networks may be a distraction for some employees, and it could affect their productivity if they are too focused on online profiles and comments. There is also a certain risk when giving control of company social networks to employees, as much of your business’s reputation rests on what is posted on your social networks. Mistakes are instantly noticed and hard to take back, and the speed of social media makes it difficult to discuss all content being posted without taking away serious time from your other priorities.

How to Get a Small Business Loan

Small business loans fall into one of two types –– asset-based and factoring financing. Each loan requires different documentation and has different requirements, allowing you to choose the one that works best to keep your business going.

Decide on Loan Type

  • Asset-based loans are similar to traditional loans and require extensive documentation to show both that you are personally credit-worthy and that your business can keep up with the payment plan. Many financial institutions use the Small Business Administration’s 7(a) Loan Program to guarantee asset-based loan so there’s less risk to the lender.

    If you just need short-term funding, consider a factoring loan, sometimes referred to as accounts receivable financing to cover a cash shortage. Factoring involves selling your accounts receivables to get a short-term loan. You’ll get less than the balances owed, with the specific amount dependent on your industry and the perceived risk that any of the debts will go unpaid.


  • Qualifying for an asset-based loan generally requires a credit score that’s in the 700 to 800 range and up, according to Forbes. You may still qualify with a score in the 650-700 range. If you’ve been in business for at least a couple of years and can show a strong history of sales as well as reliable cash flow, you’re more likely to get the loan than a startup. You’re also more likely to get a loan if you have collateral with which to secure the loan, such as equity in real estate or an investment portfolio.

    The bank requires fewer qualifications for a factoring loan. As long as you’ve set up your business properly and have a history of positive cash flow, you likely qualify.

Documentation Required

  • Develop a full business plan for asset-based loans. The plan explains your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, also known as a SWOT analysis. Describe how your background and education help you run the business. Add financial data, including profit and loss statements for the past three years, if available. Include cash flow statements, a current balance sheet and three years of personal tax returns. Use the executive summary of your business plan to explain why you need the money and to tell your company’s unique story so the lender understands where your business is headed.

    For factoring loans, you need an accounts receivables report that shows invoices for the past 90 days. Plan to complete an invoice factoring application and include business documentation that shows your company is set up with the proper government agencies, such as state and federal tax authorities.

Poor Credit Issues

  • Without a strong credit rating, your chances of getting an asset-based loan are greatly diminished. The SBA recommends providing additional documentation as part of your business plan if your credit score is weak or you have experienced bankruptcy. For instance, include bank deposits that show you make regular ongoing deposits and have positive cash flow. Another option is to find a credit partner who has a preferable credit score who is willing to co-sign for the loan.

Social Media Marketing and Strategy

Social media marketing strategies play a vital role in any successful online branding campaign. Social media is free to implement, but requires time to monitor and deploy. Be sure you have the staff or time to devote to monitoring the messages, conversations and engagement that occurs on social media.

Target Market User Habits

  • The first element in your social media marketing strategy is to understand the target audience you are trying to reach. You need to know both who your target audience is and how they use the Internet. The social media habits of a retired golfer are drastically different than the habits of a young suburban mother. Your message and your platform must speak directly to your audience to capture their attention. Combining various platforms — such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook — is vital for a professional photographer, but not necessary for the local ice cream shop owner. Hang out online where your target audience spends their time and observe their interactions prior to engaging them in conversation.

Provide Solutions for Potential Customers

  • One of the best methods for building an audience of potential customers or readers is to provide a solution to a problem associated with your business. Merge a blog populated with solutions and information, a Twitter account that engages in conversations that educate and a Facebook page that brings new users to your sites to build a solid social media platform. Engage with customers through Twitter and Facebook by asking and answering questions directly, regardless of whether or not they are related to your product. Valuable content helps portray you in a positive manner as an expert in your field and contributes positive information to your Internet community.

Converting Visitors to Customers

  • Visitors to your social media platforms are more likely to convert to customers or loyal readers if you make a personal connection and allow them to interact directly with you. Include your purchasing options or subscription forms on your homepage and link this to all your social media accounts. Capture people’s attention with your informative content, gather their email address on a mailing list and provide valuable reasons for them to return and purchase your services.

Using Transparency and Responsiveness

  • Transparency is vital when engaging with people in the social media space. Spam radars are very strong in people who use social media regularly, and simply sending them marketing and promotional messages will turn people away from your platforms. Be genuine and authentic when engaging with people in social media, just as you would treat a customer or friend in a store or social setting. If someone posts negative comments about your product or service, respond immediately and professionally and work to fix the problem, regardless of who is at fault. Such quick responsiveness shows other potential customers you care about your customers and their user experience. Use various search and monitoring functions, such as www.Search.Twitter.com and Google Alerts, to help monitor your name or your company on a regular basis.

How to Apply for Bailout Money for a Small Business

The federal government has provided bailout money to assist the many struggling small businesses throughout the United States. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), the federal government has allotted $730 billion for that organization to assist small-business owners in keeping their companies afloat. This funding is primarily available for the SBA to insure or underwrite loans for small businesses. Tapping into the federal bailout money for small businesses is not as easy as picking up the phone and making a request, but with some time spent in research and plenty of patience and persistence, small-business owners will be able to acquire available funding.


  1. Contact your local office of the Small Business Administration. The federal bailout money for small businesses will ultimately pass through banks and other lenders, but the SBA can provide the information you need on how to apply for it. The SBA will be responsible for underwriting small-business loans (in the same way that the Federal Housing Administration underwrites housing loans), so you will need to start there. Take the time to visit the local office in person, as you will be much harder to ignore and more likely to receive useful information.
  2. Request a list of approved banks or lenders for SBA loans. The SBA underwrites the loans, but the banks provide the actual loan packages. The workers at your local SBA can tell you more about the banks to which you can apply and the loan options that will be best for your business.
  3. Contact the bank to find out about small-business loans. Let the bank know that you are applying through the Small Business Administration, and make sure the loan package reflects this underwriting. For instance, an SBA-backed loan should have reduced or eliminated fees, as well as SBA guarantee for as much as 90 percent of the loan.
  4. Apply for an SBA-insured loan. Do not complete or sign the loan application until you are sure that the loan is the best for your business and reflects your business’s ability to make the necessary payments.

Retail Solutions Advisors is the number one resource for retail space in Florida

If you are looking for Retail Space for Rent in the Florida area, or you are a commercial property owner who wants to buy locations with retail space to rent for tenants, you have a pretty extensive list waiting for you. Weeding through all the information available can be overwhelming, to say the least. Trying to determine what the best location is going to be is even more critical and can be twice as overwhelming with the load of information available you need to go through to make a decision.

Having a partner in this enterprise is a big advantage, and something you should consider no matter which side of this equation you are on. One of the best firms in Florida for commercial real estate is Retail Solutions Advisors. With a team of professionals spanning nearly every element of the commercial property business, these individuals have a combined experience level that exceeds 100 years. Having that much expertise working for you is a huge advantage when you are looking for space or trying to find tenants to lease or rent your space.

Retail Solutions Advisors has listings of commercial spaces right now for you to look at – everything from whole shopping centers to individual spaces. They have done the legwork up front for you, too. Demographics on the surrounding customer base for income levels, foot traffic predicted patterns, vehicle traffic patterns and connections to major intersections and roadways or interstates/exits. The square footage, how it can be used, what you would need to put it to other intended use, zoning, current local permits obtained or outstanding – no matter what the detail is, Retail Solutions Advisors has it nailed.

Bradenton, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Port Richey, Lakeland, Wesley Chapel, Ocala, Sarasota – these are just a few of the areas that have prime property opportunities going right now that Retail Solutions Advisors has on their radar. They can help you with the listings here that they already have, or work with you to find different properties or retail space for rent in the locations you prefer wherever possible. Since these agents are plugged into nearly every commercial real estate group or support system in the state, they will be able to more easily locate what you are looking for.

And when you’ve located that perfect space or property, Retail Solutions Advisors doesn’t stop there. The services they provide extend into the property management side of commercial real estate and they also provide tenant representation for individual business owners. So building maintenance, upgrades, seeing to security and safety issues, dealing with local ordinances, laws or regulations, coding and inspections, and working with relevant associations are all services that Retail Solutions Advisors can provide to property owners from the beginning onward. This is a big stress reliever in most instances since property management is the biggest headache for nearly all commercial property owners.

It is hard enough to wade through all the details involved in renting, leasing or owning commercial space – let Retail Solutions Advisors help you keep it all straight.

If you are looking for new Retail Space for Rent in Florida, visit Retail Solutions Advisors today. Call or click today to learn more.

Peak performance business Coaching Melbourne

As the witticism states “… where ATTITUDE is Everything!” It is a disposition towards life, achievement and at last, “Top Performance”.

Execution Coaching and Development

Here is only a specimen of the administrations we offer. If you don’t mind don’t hesitate to send an email by means of the Contact Us page for additionally energizing open doors

Individual Effectiveness Coaching

Sports Performance

Self Communication Excellence

Peak Performance States (Accessing “The Zone”)

Mental self portrait and Self Perception

Internal Mapping Strategies

Building Confidence and Self Esteem

Decision Making Processes

Choice Making Skills

Perception and Awareness Strategies

Building Rapport

Self Communication and Patterns of Behavior

Correspondence Excellence

Body Language and its Impact on Performance

Mentality Awareness

Attitude Awareness

Non-verbal communication skills

Sensory Positioning Systems

Meeting Skills

Performance Profiles

Business Applications

Facilitating Excellence

Client Service Skills

Identifying Participant Learning Styles

Group Building

Using Effective Language Patterns

Meeting Skills

Building Rapport with your Audience

Building Rapport with Customers

ommunication Excellence

Correspondence Excellence

Body Language and Congruency

Choice Making Skills

Accessing Useful States

Your mentality shapes how you see the world, as well as how you associate in it. It is inside of this that our own novel Peak Performance Strategies are made. We inside guide out our reality taking into account our dispositions, qualities and convictions, encounters and practices. Presently, envision having the capacity to remove and use these maps so you can start to completely comprehend and use your own Peak Performance Strategies.

Correspondence happens both remotely and inside of us. It is the means by which you correspond with others, as well as all the more significantly, how you speak with yourself that decides the outcomes you accomplish. We speak with ourselves on numerous levels from utilizing Visual representations, Auditory signs and Kinesthetic affiliations. It is by evoking and using this data that we can recognize Peak Performance Strategies, Attitudes and Behaviors. Being a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) I use numerous demonstrated procedures and techniques and also numerous other authority aptitudes and encounters I have created all through my vocation to accomplish this.

Here is an example of what we offer at Elite Performance Coaching and Development.

Individual Effectiveness Training

Self Communication Excellence

Building Rapport

Mental self view and Self Perception

Non-verbal communication and Patterns of Behavior

Sports Performance

Crest Performance Strategies

Inside Mapping Strategies

Tangible Positioning Systems

Discernment and Awareness

Business Applications

Client Service Excellence

Choice Making Skills

Group Building

Inside Training Services

Encouraging Excellence

Distinguishing Participant Learning Styles

Utilizing Effective Language Patterns

Building Rapport with your Audience

Non-verbal communication and Congruency

The River Inside

Presently, I need you to envision a magnificent stream streaming. Question? Presently a stream did not at first begin off as a waterway, isn’t that right? No, it most likely started as a little stream of water on the scene. After some time, reiteration of the development of water along it started to make a little wrinkle for the water to stream. The reiteration of the development of water, after some time, started to advance into a little brook, the little spring into a stream and a stream into a waterway.

Our cerebrum works in comparative routes, redundancy of considerations and practices make unmistakable neurological pathways in our brains. The more we rehash these contemplations and practices, the more grounded the pathway. This is the reason now and then it can test to change our practices and mentalities as they can turn out to be a piece of the waterway. Yet now and then, we all have snippets of enchantment, when everything streams in the right course and we make progress and the sought result we were trying towards.

We code our own particular Peak Performance inside of our psyches and bodies. Our activities and encounters are coded inside of our cognizant and subliminal personality; we are ceaselessly programming and re-programming our brains constantly. Now and again effectively, different times… well I am certain you know how it goes. Yet every experience and conduct is valuable and can give startling data and understanding into how we impart and program ourselves. Help us help you at Elite Coach

Dedicated Server Hosting London-A Reliable Source of Online Marketing

cyberhostproAfter my retirement, I was left with too much of time and no productive work to do. As a means of earning income and spending my spare hours, I decided to open a small gift shop nearby my house. One of my old friends suggested that setting up an actual store would require too much of capital in hand, unlike an online store which can be managed by investing in dedicated servers London.

Post conducting a thorough research on the internet, I hired the best possible website hosting service. Dedicated server hosting London not just helped me design my first ever website but it also took care of all the related tasks such as backend operations, rebooting, storage, link building, and bandwidth management.

A variety of web solutions provided by the company helped my online business grow, without me spending any extra bucks on advertising or promotions. All the buying and selling process took place online which saved my time, energy and of course money. When you spend on a good web hosting service, you raise the performance of your website by ten times.

All thanks to this efficient web hosting service, my dream of running a successful online business finally came true. The final look of the website was so enticing and pleasing to the eyes, it literally left me speechless. As a result of such an amazing website and wonderful service, I gained a huge number of customers within no time. In simple terms, web hosting has benefitted me with an outstanding website, increased traffic and crystal clear visibility over the internet.

I could reach out to the potential clients and interact with them in an effective way with the guidance of my web host. Their entire team of professionals was so helpful that I never felt like a newbie in the online business at any point of time.

In technical terms, the name of your website is referred as a domain name. Domain names play a very vital role in recognition of a website. Preferred domain name UK lets you select domain name of your choice that is relevant and unique. A domain name should always be short and simple so that users can easy find out your website among so many other websites over the World Wide Web.

Choose a name that is easy to remember and in a language that is most used by your target audience. A good name creates a positive impact on the users thereby building up the company’s reputation.

Customers just have to scroll through the website to find out gifts for different occasions. All the gift items and accessories are categorised in such an organised manner so that it becomes easy for visitors to go through all the available options.

Confidential information such as credit card details and personal data of the customers remain secure as a result of a dedicated server. This is the prime reason behind my trustworthy and loyal customer base. The best part about such services is their flexible payment plans. Such payment structure can be afforded by almost any business firm from start-ups to established brands.
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Boss Cellular – Your entry into the highly lucrative telecommunications industry

Buying a cell phone is always an exciting activity. You get to have a new phone with even better features than your old phone. But what if your network provider does not allow you to utilize some of these features? The network service providers can do this by offering their services at very prohibitive prices. In other words, you will be using your phone for just a few things that you like. You will not get to utilize it to its full potential. However, what if you were told that you can take full charge of your phone today? Of course you will be very excited and this is what Boss Cellular does for its clients.


This is one of the best telecommunications companies in America right now. The services that are offered by this company are just out of this world. They are affordable services of premium quality. Keeping in touch with your friends and family in whichever part of the world they might be in should not be a problem at all, at least not while Boss Cellular is still in business. They have the best prepaid cellular plans that you can take advantage of. On top of that, there is a dealership opportunity for you to grab if you want to start your own business soon.

Why become a wireless dealer?

There are so many reasons why you would want to become a wireless dealer and especially with Boss Cellular. The telecommunications industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the world today. It turns in a lot of money every year, regardless of the country. So if you want to create a successful business, then the telecommunications industry is one of the best to consider. It is an assurance that you will get to make really good money out of it.

The Boss Cellular wireless dealer opportunities happen to be the best for anyone with hopes of starting a business in the telecommunications industry. The profits that Boss Cellular dealers get to enjoy are among the best in the country. It does not matter which part of the country you are in, if you want to become a wireless dealer with Boss Cellular, simply drop them a phone call and the process will be started immediately.

Boss Cellular grants you this opportunity without you needing to have a master agent. Now, master agents might be good in some way, but then they can be really hard to find. On top of that, when you find a master agent, you will have to share your profits with him/her. Why should you share your hard earned money with someone else? You do not need anyone to introduce you to the company. The communications lines are always open for you to get in touch with Boss Cellular whenever you want to.

It gets even better: You get to enjoy expert wireless dealer training that will help you get started and run your business. In other words, you do not need to have any experience in the telecommunications industry in order to become a successful wireless dealer. Boss Cellular has the training you need to get started.
Boss Cellular
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Business Finance and Choosing the Right One

One of the principle reasons in respect to why new business wanders come up short is because of an absence of budgetary subsidizing to get the business wander off the ground. Numerous individuals don’t understand the amount of opening and maintaining a business really costs. On the off chance that you don’t research and search out business money you will be not able to pay for your business premises, the greater part of your fundamental gear, your bills and your staff compensation and any of the stock that you will require.
You additionally need to guarantee that when you choose your business fund that you pick the particular case that is best for your business. Finance comes in various structures and can be part into two fundamental areas; equity finance and debt fund. The meaning of equity fund is cash that is put into your business that doesn’t have to be reimbursed. This cash is yours to use as an exchange for an offer of your business benefit. And additionally getting cash put into your business with value account you will likewise pick up skill and business contacts that are yours to utilize. The second principle kind of business fund is debt finance. This is cash that is credited to you. It is cash that obliges the need to be reimbursed over a concurred measure of time. You will need to reimburse the credit in full with included investment yet no rate of your shares is given over.
A few illustrations of equity finance incorporate business heavenly attendants; these are ambitious people who put a certain measure of cash into your business. In exchange for the cash that is contributed a business heavenly attendant will increase some of your imparts so they get a rate of your benefit. Business blessed messengers are ideal for new companies as they give cash that doesn’t oblige the need to be reimbursed and in addition master counsel about the most ideal method for maintaining your business. An alternate illustration of equity finance comes as an investor. An investor is for all intents and purpose the same as a business holy messenger separated from they can give higher measures of fund and have a tendency to put all the more in settled organizations where the danger of disappointment is lessened.
Some sample of debt finance incorporates; bank credits. At the point when a great many people consider new company back the primary spot that strikes a chord is their bank despite the fact that banks are exceptionally watchful about giving cash to new organizations as there is dread that the month to month reimbursements won’t be stayed up with the latest. An alternate case is Credit Cards; these are costly regarding start-up fund however they are likewise a speedy method for raising account. One more sample of debt finance is overdrafts; these can be lavish yet are an adaptable type of getting, they are not suitable for long haul finance and are repayable on interest.
In spite of the fact that with debt finance you have a considerable measure more alternatives open to you with methods for lending cash, the choice of equity finance is still more positive with new organizations as a private financial specialist will do everything that they can to guarantee that your business is a win.